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Choosing the Right Website Hosting Provider


10 Tips for Selecting a Secure Web Host

It’s more important than ever for businesses to maintain a robust online presence with a reliable website and multiple channels of digital marketing. In this type of environment, a secure web host becomes vital. Your hosting provider becomes more than a digital landlord as they work to maintain a safe and secure online environment for your website. 


Making an informed decision about your web hosting is more important than ever for security and stability as cyber threats evolve. Below are some tips to consider as you make this decision. 

What to Look for As You Select Your Web Host

Conduct Thorough Research

Research the reputable hosting providers. Don’t just stop with what they say. Reviews, testimonials, and ratings will indicate how good they are when something goes wrong. You can also get an indication of their reputation for reliability, security, and customer support. If they have a strong track record of handling client data, that indicates they are a safe choice. 


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The Right Security Features

A good website host should offer SSL certificates, which encrypt data transmitted between your site and visitors. This is in place to protect sensitive information such as login credentials or payment information. Look for the information you can find about firewalls, malware scanning, or DDoS protections. 


Website Backups

Data loss can be a devastating event for any business. Choose a website host that offers regular backups of website data to protect you in the event of a loss. Automatic backups ensure you can quickly restore your site to its previous state. This is an essential feature for unforeseen incidents such as data deletion or malicious hacks. 


Regular Maintenance and Updates 

It’s important to know that your web host regularly maintains and updates their servers and software before you trust them with your website. Outdated software becomes more vulnerable to security breaches. A reputable website host monitors and patches vulnerabilities to protect customers’ websites. 


Data Center Security Is Important

The physical security measures implemented at the hosting provider’s data security centers can help safeguard your website. Ask them about surveillance cameras, biometric access, and redundant power systems to safeguard your website from physical threats like theft, vandalism, and natural disasters. 


Consider Your Scalability and Growth

You likely have growth plans for your website and your business. Your host should be able to accommodate these plans without compromising security. Whether you’re running a large ecommerce platform or a small blog, your hosting provider should offer scalable hosting plans and resources that support your evolving requirements while maintaining robust security measures. 


Strong Levels of Technical Support

The quality of technical support provided by the hosting company makes a significant difference in the event of security incidents or technical issues. A strong level of responsive and knowledgeable support can minimize downtime and promptly resolve issues. When it comes to threats such as cyberattacks or natural disasters, you’ll want a hosting provider with 24/7 support via chat, phone, and email. 


Terms of Service and SLA

Carefully read through the terms of service and service level agreement (SLA) carefully and ask any questions you might have. Pay attention to clauses related to security, uptime guarantees, and data protection to ensure that what they say aligns with your requirements. 


Hosting Plan Costs Vs. Security

While cost is always an important factor as you make decisions about your business, keep in mind that you are trusting your entire web presence in the hands of your hosting provider. Opting for the most economical provider may save you money at the onset but could expose you to security threats without the resources to address them adequately. Look for a provider that offers the highest level of security while balancing costs. 


Look for the Feedback and Recommendations of Other Website Owners

When you are shopping for a website host, it’s essential to ask for any feedback or recommendations that other business owners may have. You can find businesses that may be happy with their website provider in networking groups or various online communities. These personal recommendations may provide valuable insight into the provider’s reliability and help you make an informed decision. 

We Are a Website Host You Can Trust

Choosing the right website host is a big decision for your business that impacts your online security. It’s important to make sure that you research it and make an informed decision. Blackbird Digital offers our customers world-class reliability, speed, security, and support with industry-leading up times. If you want quality and reliable website hosting for your business, call us at (630) 553-0000 or click the hire us button to fill out the form and join a website host you can trust.

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