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Data + Analytics



Discover How Your Audience Uses Your Website


Understanding your audience’s behavior allows you to make more informed marketing decisions that benefit your business. Our website analytics team tracks the most meaningful and valuable data and makes expert data-driven recommendations for improving your marketing campaigns.


Here’s how our data and analytics monitoring can improve your marketing initiatives.

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Discovery + Analysis


Discovery and analysis are critical parts of any marketing campaign that help you to understand your audience and your objectives while learning how to measure the effectiveness of your marketing. Our team will get to know your business and goals, and make recommendations for a plan moving forward.

KPI Benchmarking


Knowing where your website stands compared to industry standards, competitors, and your historical data is essential. Key performance indicator (KPI) benchmarking helps you gain insights into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns and what areas might need improvement.

A/B Testing


Data and analytics allow you to determine the most effective way to attract and convert website traffic. Headlines, copy, forms, buttons, and various visual elements on the page can all be tested to determine which perform better. You can also test entire versions of web pages. More than one version can be shown to your audience for a given amount of time, and the most leads, conversions, and sales will determine which version to leave up. After all, why spend time and money on marketing that doesn’t relate to your audience?

Heatmapping + Visitor Recording


The analytics team at Blackbird Digital can help you understand your audience’s journey through your website by using heatmapping and visitor recording tools to follow their on-site actions. You’ll be able to immediately recognize audience trends and determine where their attention is going.

Goal Setting + Event Tracking


Defining your goals and objectives for any marketing campaign is essential to determine its effectiveness. We can help you find suitable goals and set up event tracking within analytics so that you know when your audience is completing them.

Traffic Segmentation


With analytics, you can determine where your traffic is coming from and optimize each channel accordingly. This insight gives you a window into what channels are working well and which might need more attention.

Regular Reporting


Understanding user behavior over an extended time on your website is essential. Regular monitoring and reporting of your analytics allows you to understand and capitalize on more significant trends.

Data Consultation


We don’t just give you the reports showing the results showing the results of the work–we’ll sit down with you to review, discuss, analyze, and make sure you understand what we’re doing–and, more importantly, why. These collaborative efforts bring awareness and help align current and future marketing opportunities.

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Change With the Technology


Our team keeps up with the latest technologies to better serve our clients and give them the tools needed to engage with their audience. We pride ourselves on evolving as necessary to put ourselves at the forefront of this industry.

Data-Based Innovation


After we analyze your data, we take care of any course corrections. Our team is constantly tweaking and testing based on the data we analyze to ensure that you’re always getting the best results possible.

Expand Your Marketing Capabilities

The right approach to meeting your goals exists but may look different for every business. Our digital marketing team will put you in a position to realize success by using the right tools available to us.

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